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SpyCrushers Clothes Hook Camera
  • There are many benefits from utilizing a hidden camera device. Whether it is for a nanny camera, a police sting, to observe employees or to catch an unfaithful spouse’s infidelity. Often we percieve common spy devices which could easily be identified by the trained eye because of blinking recording lights, over exposure from the product due to advertising or their often bulky suspicious look. The SpyCrushers Clothes Hook Camera is a quality hidden DVR camera that produces crystal clear video at 1280 X 960 HD quality resolution video. Furthermore the SpyCrushers device have a small unobscured camera, but it has great working ability. This clothes hook spy camera can support up to a 16GB Micro SD Card. It features a continuous recording capacity as high as 120 minute and has a 6 hour standby time. It also has an automatic motion activation mode, in addition to a time and date stamp feature for all of your video and photos.

    This device is really inconspicuous that it can be used anywhere. It has easy plug and play functionality for PC’s and Macs so there is absolutely no product software required to purchase or download. Furthermore it possess a long recording time, but for your benefit additionally, it comes with an automatic file save after half an hour of recording or if you have an electrical loss shut down.


    The SpyCrushers motion activated spy camera is easy to install and all the hardware that is needed is provided with purchase. It may be set up in a business office, in your house or where there is a flat surface. The main one press video record button is secretly located right above the hook and beneath the lens. The off and on switch is situated on the back of the device. Lastly, the ability indicator and reset are situated on the side. This small compact device is very powerful as well as if a person unsuspectedly uses the unit as an actual clothes hook it can continue to record because the camera lens is over the hook.

    Usually do not be fooled by imitators. The Spycrushers Clothes Hook Hidden Camera is really a higher quality product compared to what other retailers are selling being a similar product. An unnamed company has tried to make the same device, but despite their half-witted attempts to look like a SpyCrusher Clothes Hook device the quality falls very short because of their reduced pixels, difficult setup and operation requirements and the absence of compatibility. The unnamed imitator’s device does not work together with most operating systems such as the SpyCrushers Clothes Hook does. The SpyCrushers Clothes Hook works with all the popular operating systems including Windows Me, Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, Mac OS X and Linux.

    If you are looking for a functional quality clothes hook hidden video recording device please make sure to take a look at SpyCrushers, that can be found on Amazon or the Spycrushers company website of the identical name. Also, browse the other hidden camera devices that Spycrushers provides at on their website. Spycrushers offers top quality products. In case you are not completely impressed with their products features and functionality, within 30 days of your purchase, there is a money back guarantee attached to each product sold.