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Free Public Arrest Records
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    Whenever an individual is arrested for whatever reason it is, the enforcing officer would create an arrest records public. It is where details about the arrest incident are documented. The local resident of a certain state can access their personal arrest files whenever they need it.

    The arrest record of an individual contains the reason for the arrest as well as the date and place where the arrest was made. Additional information may include the notes of the enforcing officer. With this, arrest record is one of the references used for background check. By checking out the history if an individual, one can be sure about the intentions of the people they interact with daily.

    Arrest records are used in a number of ways. It can be used as a basis whenever an arrested individual wants to contest about the charges and sentence given to him. This document is also checked to make sure that the arrest was done properly and orderly. Different government agencies use it to refer to pending arrests of individuals and inform other agencies about the arrest of that person.

    Although, arrest records are considered as public documents, some are not available to the general public. Examples of these are image the expunged files. Expunge records are the arrest files of individuals that have been hidden from the public. Not all states also implements such request. Juvenile records are also one of the files that cannot be viewed by the general public in accordance to the laws of the country.

    One has to be aware of the process when retrieving an arrest record of an individual. The process and procedures are not the same for all of the states. Some states allow a mail and phone request while others only Police Records Public Record provide the files if it was requested personally at the office. Generally, crime related files are handled by the Department of Justice which has Arrest Records several branches that handles specific types of documents. The fees would also vary on the county where the request was made. The file is only given out to the person himself or to authorized individuals only. Requesting for the record can be very tedious and time consuming. It can take at least half a day to process the request and at most 14 days to get the result of the search. With this, online search has helped greatly in the retrieval of an arrest record.

    The Internet has made the search for arrest records easier and faster. One can even do a free arrest records search however; one cannot expect quality and accurate results. Even paid searches do not guarantee the accuracy of the result but they can ensure a thorough search of the requested file over several linked databases.