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Accessing Sarasota County Divorce Records
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    One of the requirements of a valid marriage is the fact that both of the parties are not currently married to another party. It is possible for someone who had been previously married before to enter into another contract of marriage with another party, but as was already mentioned, that first marriage should no longer be in existence. In other words, that marriage should have already been dissolved via divorce, and there should be an official record of the event of divorce. The official record of the event that is the Sarasota Divorce Records Divorce would be the divorce Divorce Records Florida records of which Sarasota County Divorce Records is an example.

    In the situation of a marriage, it is often necessary and suggested that both parties be aware of whether or not their intended partner had been married before and that such marriage is still subsisting. Note that a person who marries another while his or her first marriage is still subsisting may be prosecuted for the crime of bigamy, and the spouse in the second marriage could become involved in said criminal proceedings in some jurisdictions. There is also the fact that a second marriage while the first is still subsisting would sometimes create an absurd situation where the proper authorities are not even aware as to which of the two spouses are entitled to some benefits.

    Copies of divorce records are available at the state level, and because the divorce records are open and public records, any person could make a request for the records and the office that keeps the records, which would be the Florida Department of Health Vital Statistics Office, would have no choice but to provide the records in question, provided, that the proper procedure in requesting for the same had been met. The first step in requesting for the records would be for the person who desires the record to first write a letter requesting for the records in question.

    The form is a non-standard form, which means that there is no form that could be downloaded or obtained from the office, and the person who desires the record should write his own. Of course, there are some information that are necessary to be included in the request letter, including the name of the parties to the divorce, the date or approximate date of the event, and the location where the event occurred. Once the form had been accomplished, the next step would be to send the letter to the department for processing. Note that when the form is sent, it must be accompanied by a money order or personal image check to answer for the required fee which would be five dollars for every record requested for.

    Of course, copies of Sarasota County Divorce Decrees are also available online through the use of online databases. These internet based databases provide substantially the same information as the various government sources, but because they are internet based, they are easier to locate, and even more easier to use, with some requiring only the most basic knowledge of internet search from the person who wishes to use the databases.