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Online Tarrant County Arrest Records Sources
  • The Texas Criminal Records Quick Guide marriage rate in the State of Texas is estimated at 8 per a thousand people, not high in any standards. But with a population of over 20 million, this still translates to a lot of marriages. The task of keeping these records is assigned to the State Vital Statistics Bureau, this office directly reports to the Texas Department of Health Services. Because of the large population, the bureau has in its possession over 6 million Texas Marriage Records.


    No certified copy is issued at the State Vital Statistics Bureau, they are only issued at the County Clerk?s Office where the marriage was granted. Only verification letters are handed out if the records requested are found and a single-status letter if the records are not found. Verification letters verifies that a marriage was filed with the State of Texas and this document is available only for marriages filed from 1966-2008. A single-status letter declares your freedom to marry. For marriages that occurred before 1966, verification letters are also handed out only at the County Clerk where the image marriage was granted.

    Verification letters can be requested through walk-in or through mail. They can also be requested online through commercial record keepers. Requests made through walk-in usually just takes a couple hours to obtain, and takes until the next day in case of delays. Requests made through mail takes 10-15 working days to obtain. All requests require a fee of $20, and there you can order as many as you want as long as you provide the Quick Tarrant County Arrest Records Research required information and fees. For requests made online, it takes just minutes to obtain the verification letter but it would cost you a little more than $20 since searches are done with the help of private record keepers.

    The Texas State repository only keeps records for the State of Texas. There is no interlink between states, so if you want to search from more than one state, it means you have to search for the records state by state.

    Marriage Index is also available online for those who want to view information about the marriage. However, they are strictly considered as just informational aids. They are only available for viewing and are not legal substitutes for Marriage licenses or marriage records.

    Verification letters can also be ordered online. The most effective way is to turn to commercial record keepers. Their sources are highly reliable and services are fast and efficient. Marriage license records can also be requested online, but the process can only be completed once the applicant appears to a Tarrant County sub-courthouse location to sign and pay corresponding fees.