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Downloading Hillsborough County Divorce Records
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    Ordering copies of Hillsborough County divorce records can be done in three ways. You can make a request online, by mail or in person. One should be aware that all orders must be made through the appropriate bureau in order to obtain the document you want without any delay. The best office to communicate with is the state of Divorce Decree Florida Florida?s Department of Health, through its Vital Statistics Bureau.

    The aforementioned office can provide you with divorce records as early as June 6, 1927 up to the present time. However, dissolution of marriages that happened before the said date can only be acquired from the clerk of court of the specific county where the divorce was approved. It is worthy to note Hillsborough County Marriage Record though that marital break-ups which were granted just recently will take about 60 days before it is made available from the Department of Health. If such is the situation then your best recourse is to go to the clerk of court.

    Getting hold of a copy of a divorce report will cost you $5.00 for a single certification and an additional $4.00 for every certification thereafter. These fees are applicable if you are placing your orders at the same time. The fees will cover the search costs and are non-refundable image even if the files you are looking for are not found. If the record you want to get is not on file, you will still receive a certified document stating that no record was found.

    In case you find it more convenient to have your orders made via mail, then it is vital that you make a written request and make sure that you have affixed your signature before submitting your letter request. You must also provide specific details regarding the divorce report you want. This includes the complete names of the husband and wife, the date of the divorce and the county where the marital split-up was approved. In case you don?t have the exact date, you are required to at least give the precise year of the divorce. Aside from the required details mentioned above, you as an applicant will also have to write down your full name, complete residential address and telephone number. Your payment in the form of either check or money order must also be included together with a self-addressed stamped envelope. You can expect to receive the report you want after 2- 5 business days from the date of receipt of your request.

    You can make the Hillsborough Clerk of Court your first destination if you want to looked up a particular divorce file which is given due course from the said region. You can visit the said agency?s online facility to confirm if such record really exists. But then again, you can?t find any image of the document you want so obtaining duplicates of divorce records are done by getting in touch with the Clerk of Court?s Office. Pertinent fees can be checked online so you will be acquainted with the fees that you might be paying for your demand.