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Nevada County Arrest Records
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    The very nature of secrets image means that these are information that the secret keeper would do his or her best to keep from seeing the light of the day. The reason for keeping a secret varies, but often, the reason would have something to do with the perception of people once those people were to know about the secret. Nowhere is this truer than in the presence of a criminal record in the case of the person keeping the secret, for, rightly or wrongly, the fact that a person has a criminal record is something that is seen in the negative light. Of course, it is sometimes necessary that the criminal record of a person be brought to the light, and it is in these instances that arrest records like Nevada County Arrest Records become important.


    This is because these records are the official records of the government when it comes to the criminal background of the person named in the record and as the official record of the government, they are the best evidence that one could present given that they are presumed to be true at all times and given that they are supposed to be available to the public at all times. Of course, one must also take into consideration the fact that these records are incomplete in the sense that they would only show the criminal background of the person named in the record and nothing else, which means that any rehabilitation that the person had undergone would not be reflected upon these records.

    As the official records of the government, these records are supposed to be available to the public at all times, which means that a request for copies of these records should always be granted even if there is no reason for making the request. Of course, as these records are not free, only those who have a legitimate interest in the records make the request. These records are also afforded the presumption of regularity which means that the contents of these records would always be presumed to be true, and though the presumption may be rebutted, that would be the burden of the person making the allegation.

    Copies of the arrest records may be requested from a number of offices, and one of those would be the office of the clerk of court of the place where the arrest had happened. To make the request at this level, there are two methods that the person interested in the record could use, making the request via mail or making the request in person. Each method would have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and it would be the decision of the person making the request as to which method he or she would chose.

    Nevada County Jail Mugshots may also be found online through the use of online databases which are mostly privately owned databases which mean that they are not official sources. Still, the information contained within these databases are substantially the same as those which may be found in the official archives, and because these are internet-based databases, they are faster and more efficient in providing their information.