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Alameda County Public Records Online Access
  • There are many ways to obtain copies of Alameda County Public Records nowadays you just have to choose which one is the best or is most convenient on your end that you should do. You can visit the office in person, send the request via mail, or do it via electronic mail. You just have to learn the smartest way to do it. Of course, you have to find out what is the most available resource you have in your place. If you have to do it in person then you need to do so, it should not be that hard because everything else will be provided by the office concerned. The mail request is also viable; you only have to go through all the steps you need to get the job done.


    The requirements include presenting a valid proof of identification which could include a driver?s license, passport, health card number, social security card and other government-issued IDs which are valid, showing your current picture and signature in it as proof that you are indeed a Public Records California Free legitimate citizen living in Alameda, California. There is a wide range of records available today comprising the arrest records, criminal reports, death records, birth records, divorce records and marriage reports. Hence, you need to decide as to which type of record you are aiming to get.

    The officials from the different law enforcement agencies are welcoming to these requestors so long as the request is legitimate. The requestors just have to abide by the rules and regulations being implemented by each of the unit in California. However, there are certain pieces image of information that cannot be divulged due to its confidentiality. Therefore, you must respect such a decision whenever you are not allowed to obtain a particular data being kept by a certain government office. And never insist or force it otherwise you will only be charged for contempt or whatever sanction that will be laid upon you.

    The cost to request for a copy of public records should not exceed to $20.00 per copy. In order for you to know the amount that you should pay you can actually call the office beforehand so you can actually prepare for the cost. All of these agencies are available during the usual Alameda County Public Records working hours from 8:00am to 5pm, so that?s the best time you can keep in touch with whoever is in-charge in accommodating questions related to the issuance of public records.

    You can go to the Registrar?s office, Police Stations, Narcotics Department, Highway Patrol and other units created in your locality. The request form is actually downloadable on the web so all you have to do is print it and fill it out and then you submit it to the office where you will be doing the request. On the other hand, you can opt going to the Internet in search for such public reports. Just make sure that you pick the right web-based result for the Alameda County Public Records for your own consumption.