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Texas Divorce Records Public Search
  • Whirlwind marriages do happen; and so with divorces! If you think it is funny, think about the grievous truth that anytime a ?promise of love? may be legally erased. Anyway, even though it is the State Of Texas Divorce Records ex-intimate couple?s own personal choice, details surrounding Texas Divorce Records can be pulled up by anyone who wants to confirm a certain occurrence of marriage dissolution. Unlike the other vital events namely births and deaths, divorce indexes as well as marriage files are available for purchase or download (free) from the Texas state site, being not classified as ?closed? and ?protected? state data.

    Similar to other state-held public files, guidelines or laws managing them may differ per state territory. The State Health Services Department, Vital Statistics Unit of Texas offers services for residents who want to obtain such documents. Take note though that the mentioned state agency can only provide verification letters for nuptial terminations within the state. These letters are actually based on the applications for divorces that had been forwarded from the office of the district clerk. Accordingly, if you want the actual decrees of divorces, it must be requested from the district clerk in the region where the marriage dissolution was processed and granted. image You can use the divorce indexes as locators of district offices where the actual decrees are being maintained.

    The verification letters that you can get from the Vital Records Unit may be used as legal evidences for a ?single status?. Keep in mind, however, that they are not legal alternatives for nuptial dissolution decrees. So if you want to obtain a divorce file in Texas, it is highly recommended that you verify your specific needs beforehand. You have to know if a verification letter can fully meet your intended usage or not. Divorces available at the office of Vital Records are those that took place from the year 1968 to present.

    Online-based and traditional order methods are both accessible for having records of dissolutions of matrimonies. Through the Web, you can utilize the government access site or other professional records search devices. Typically, you can go to the Vital Statistics public center in Austin or use the regular postal service in sending your formal requests. The forms for applications are downloadable from the state?s official site or you may also pick one up from the Vital Statistics office. The fee per record request is $20. The speed of returns and processing times can vary depending on the method of request employed.

    The online fee-paid commercial retrieval options are the fastest in terms of public file information-gathering. You can pick a trustworthy site, get a member?s pass and obtain various classifications of records ranging from criminal history records, federal files, driving or motor vehicle records, genealogy data, property files, Divorce Court Records, among many significant filings that you can find valuable in doing investigations or researches.

    The web route is really sensible for those who want to perform quick and confidential record inquiries without fixed rules and restrictions. Now, you have what it needs to obtain practically all sorts of public information via these handy lookup sites. Dissolutions of marriages and nuptials are among the most important events that you would want to verify especially in knowing the real past of someone.