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    Actually, more prevalent are the paid "meet and greets" where fans pay anywhere from a $50 to $450 surcharge just to take a photograph and get a small T-shirt goody bag.

    Thorogood seemed sincerely disappointed during our conversation about that topic. "It's really just a business these days. I get it. We have expenses too, but ya gotta give SOMETHING back to the fans," George said.

    "You DO get it, George," I responded.

    So for the next 40 or so minutes,, we swapped stories about the biz, and he was genuine, through and through.

    "So were you a tough kid,online air jordan, like a 'James Dean' growing up?" I asked.

    "James Dean?&quot,cheap air jordans; he responded. "My heroes were Jack Benny and Bob Hope … I wanted to be a standup comedian just like them!"

    "Really, a stand-up?" I asked. "Yep! I was always a smart a--, so I thought I would try and make a career out of being one,cheap jordans," he said. "But I always loved rock 'n' roll and the blues and guys like Chuck Berry. Chuck was probably the most important guitarist in music history. He did it all differently. He WAS the pioneer."

    George went on to say that it was the Beatles who actually set him on his