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    Here are highlights from the conversation:

    On Romance vs,cheap pandora jewelry. Reality

    Dustin Wilson: My family definitely didn't understand what a sommelier was at all until the movie Somm came out, no matter how many times I would tell them.

    Brahm Callahan: Slugging cases is more of your day than it is being pretty and selling wine on the floor. If you work in a restaurant that sells wine, you're going to be doing manual labor, moving bottles around,cheap pandora jewelry, resetting tables.

    DW: 90 percent of it is not sexy. The only part that's sexy is when you approach the table and get the guy who's like, “Oh man, I just love your job.” You're like “Yeah, you don't really love my job…”

    On the Evolution of the Sommelier:

    DW: The suits on the floor are definitely way better now.

    BC: Twenty years ago,cheap pandora jewelry, fine dining was a very different experience. As a sommelier you had a very clear [message]: “This is what we do… these are the things that we're going to pair with our food.” Now you're trying to make a connection.

    ?DW: The perception of what a sommelier was 20 to 30 years ago was this snooty old guy who wanted to talk down to you,cheap pandora earrings, and try to get you to buy the most expensive thing…. The best way to beat that stigma is to go completely in the opposite direction and say,cheap pandora jewelry for sale, “we're here to make wine super fun, really approachable