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cheap jordans Retiring Edward-Elmhurst Health CEO
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    spread and cost reduction.

    Q. What do you think should be done to fix the nation's health care system?

    A. My philosophy is we have to have individual responsibility. We have set up a system where someone else has traditionally been paying the bills; that is inherently inefficient. If it's not your money, you are not going to watch or care what services are offered or where you might go to have it be less expensive.

    We have raised a population where many people feel very little responsibility toward their own involvement in keeping themselves healthy because someone else will be the rescuer,cheap jordans. That is not sustainable,cheap jordans online.

    Q,online air jordan. What public policies have you influenced during your career?

    A. I've helped create an emphasis on mental health. We did a lot of work on mental health parity, which means your insurance should not discriminate against your treatment if it's mental health versus acute care for diseases. That has been a big focus.

    And hospitals paying their fair share of indigent care and Medicaid. We've worked on laws that help spread that money from all hospitals to hospitals that are in the inner city and couldn't possibly make it without some appropriate sharing,cheap air jordans.

    Q. Looking back on your role in the corruption probe that led to the