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    Image Courtesy of Trollbeads Studio – Please Do Not Reproduce

    Pottersgiving Summary

    Pottersgiving as a project was great fun for myself and Beth,cheap pandora charms for sale. We’ve been desperate to collaborate a little for quite some time as we have a mutual love of both writing and photography,cheap pandora bracelets for sale. I’ve long since admired Beth’s photographic skills and find it refreshing to see a Facebook page featuring bracelet inspiration and not just unique beads for sale. On a self indulgent note,cheap pandora rings, if any readers haven’t yet liked my own Endangered Trolls page,cheap pandora charms for sale, I’d sorely appreciate it for Christmas as I’m starting to edge towards the big 2000 mark. Yes I’ll admit we’re both fishing for more social media likes!

    We’ve already started discussing a further collaboration for 2014 (one which I’m musing over already) so hopefully we’ll have news regarding that in the new year. During the next few days,cheap pandora bracelets, I’ll be adding all of the images from Pottersgiving to their own gallery on my Pinterest

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