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    Oh no :((( For me there is nothing worse than a cold shower - I hate it! Even in the height of summer when my other half seems to relish cold showers,cheap pandora bracelets for sale, I like mine warm :p I'll confess I have absolutely no idea precisely what is heating my water at present. When we used the gas boiler,cheap pandora earrings, every time it went out,cheap pandora rings for sale, the hot water would go. Our gas boiler is clearly poorly as not only was it going out repeatedly (and went through a stage of losing water pressure all the time) but it started to develop a disturbing clunking noise and eventually,cheap pandora charms, just wouldn't actually ignite. We switched to using a wood pellet burning boiler which we've had for years but can be a bit of a hassle since you need to buy in and store bags of pellets. However that's been off now since March or April and yet something still heats my water. I must admit I love the wood pellets as not only does the back part of the house develop a woody,cheap pandora rings, organic smell but it heats far more than the gas seemed to. We have a huge farm from the 1800s so heating it can be a real battle I admit :( The problem with new boilers isn't just the expense but the damn stress involved. It's not like you're paying for a new dishwasher where they just deliver it,cheap pandora rings for sale, hook it up and ta-da! There's some pretty extensive work involved :( Speaking of which.. I need a new washing machine I think. At least ours "spat" at me earlier in the week. Not sure how long it's been doing that. Again it's in the utility room and I tend to throw stuff in and just leave. There's a tiled floor in there with draining all around so I'd probably not actually notice if it was "spitting" as a regular thing. I really do not like spending lots of money on that kind of stuff ;) I'll hope you manage to get a nice warm shower later :( /hugs