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    has changed,"

    For example, according to OMES, 478 of the Department of Environmental Quality's 519 employees -- 92 percent -- got raises after the freeze was in place. Over at the Department of Wildlife Conservation,cheap jordans online, 100 percent -- 332 out of 332 employees -- got pay increases.

    Both agencies fall under the purview of Energy and Environment Secretary Michael Teague.

    "I spent an awful lot of time on every one of these individual requests," Teague said, in an interview.

    Secretary Teague says he has taken the freeze very seriously, and carefully considered each request for an exemption. He says, with the Dept. of Wildlife Conservation, he considered that the agency is funded through hunting and fishing license fees, not state appropriations. He also took into account a 2014 compensation study that showed workers at Wildlife, DEQ, and most other state agencies, are underpaid.

    Teague says he often asked himself,cheap jordan shoes, "Are we giving the compensation that we need to be able to retain our employees?"

    He says he did deny some exemption requests,jordans for cheap, in the interest of government efficiency,cheap retro jordans, but he also wanted to be fair to state workers.

    "And that's the balance that we're trying to achieve,cheap air jordan shoes," Teague stated, "that's exactly the whole point of the executive order."

    Others who work for the state, however, aren't as confident the order worked as it should have.

    State Auditor and Inspector