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Finding California Arrest Records
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    The California Department of Justice, office of the Attorney image General, is the state?s repository of California Criminal Records. All criminal documents are initially documented at a California Public Criminal Records particular county prior to it getting forwarded to the state repository. Any member of the general public is given the right to access document as long as the correct requesting procedures are followed. Criminal documents normally contain the full name of an offender, description of the offense committed, and the time and place where it was committed.

    People that do background researches on other people turn to criminal documents more often than not. In a place with a very big population like California, it is not a surprise that law enforcers find it hard to maintain the peace and order. But if the public is provided with vital information, they will have a better idea which kinds of people they should stay away from.

    If you want to start a search, secure the Live Scan from by downloading it from the Department of Justice?s official webpage. Fill out the form with all the required fields of information and have your fingerprint scanned at the nearest authorized live scan operator. You will be given a fingerprint card which you will present at the department along with the completed request form. There is a fee for getting your fingerprint scanned and it varies depending on where you had it done. The fee is separate from the fee you have to pay to get the criminal document.

    Requesting your own documents is permitted in California so that you can check if the set of information included are correct or not. If you see anything that you think is incorrect, you can have it amended by filling out the Claim of Alleged Inaccuracy of Incompleteness form and submitting it back to the appropriate office. You also need to submit back the document that you obtained.

    Requesting the documents that are not your own is also permitted but there is only a short list of people who can do so because the privacy of the document?s owners must also be looked after. During investigation, law enforcers are allowed to access full versions of criminal documents. Landlords and employers are also allowed access but only when they want to check the background of potential employees and tenants. Using of other peoples criminal documents to defame, embarrass, harass or blackmail them is prohibited. Violators will be apprehended.

    If you want to secure California arrest documents, you can head to the state?s Department of Correction and Rehabilitation. However, you have to pay a certain amount of fee for the documents. If you want to avail Arrest Records For Free, inquire if there is a certain agency in your locale or within the state that offers them to the public that can provide you with free criminal documents. You may also search if there are websites that does the same thing. All arrests are properly documented even if does not lead to imprisonment. Documents of arrests that did not require imprisonment are kept hidden from the public.