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pomeranian husky mix
  • barrlahaubarrlahau
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    Once upon a time, Hasch had to look for food in order to survive, so they couldn't miss anything that would allow them to solve the hunger problem. For this innate habits, porch network Xiaobian remind you can only be improved by normal education. First of all we want to try to get away from the husky trash, trash away, basement or garage, or put it in their sight. When walking is to avoid the garbage place, must give the huskies on the traction rope, otherwise one went to the trash, too late to stop.
    When we found the husky trash food to eat, must promptly stop. Give it a loud scolding and pat it gently as a punishment. If this is not the effect, can be at the edge of the trash spray air freshener, perfume, or with such a little wind, cool oil to taste very exciting things for the huskies, away from the trash. Of course, the huskies will turn trash food, there may be the home of the food tired. Our imageowners can adjust the dog food, change the flavor, or match the other snacks. But remember not to feed too much food and little husky itself, but also very greedy, but this will health.
    In addition, we can also prepare some stomach medicine at home, eat trash food to prevent the husky caused by gastrointestinal discomfort, diarrhea and pomeranian husky mix vomiting. For example, can buy on the porch mall stomach treasure, very good. Buy something at home and nip it in the bud.