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    What does this scene pomsky represent? Is the owner of the control dogs can't keep their dogs, for example, to see the other dog with blood or roar, even out to fight, causing bite (no matter win or lose), the owner was pulled down. The dog will go where he wants to go, but the owner can not control his dog, only under the guidance of the dog, only chasing the dog running, simply can not control the dog's action, it is prone to problems.
    A dog's sense of territory when walking, the dog suddenly in the tree of urine, and to the pole to pee (especially male dogs, seems endless, such as urine) mark behavior, we are not unfamiliar. For dogs, this behavior is declared to other dogs, which is their domain.
    The dog is a group of animal, and master walk together is a collective activity, if not hunting, dogs will feel excited, especially when walking route is fixed, the dog will have a strong field of consciousness, such as "this imageis my territory"! So when you see someone else (dog) invade, you naturally take an aggressive attitude. Only when the host is in the lead will he not let the situation get out of hand. So the usual owners must master the command, the dog to the owner where you want to go, don't let the dog go before the master, a dog walking, not walking the dog. If the dog thinks that "marking" is a dog's nature and does not stop it, allowing the dog to do whatever he wants will lead to the dog's constant expansion of power and instinct. The dog's power instinct is inversely proportional to its obedience instinct. The growth of power instinct leads to atrophy of obedience instinct. The obedience here is not a constant suppression of dogs and cruelty to dogs.
    In fact, when a dog obeys his master, he feels happy and can live every day without pressure. Two, "lead the training methods of foreign trainers often use" leadership training "method, this method is the key in the sight and the dog must not transfer, it must be completely to ignore them, nor to the dog, don't let the dog dog pull chain, chain to maintain a loose, when the dog is walking in front of when changing the direction immediately, but to move in the opposite direction.
    "When people in the moment to change the direction of dog chain tension, the dog's neck will feel uncomfortable, but because each line of sight not transfer, it does not know the owner in the" dark ", so people will follow the direction to move forward. When it comes back to the host again, he must change direction again, and follow the human preference. Continued training by different people will lead to better results.
    Of course, the host must first treat the dog with a deep love, and the dog will obey the owner. When the dog's power grows, he will cause great trouble to the dog owner because he is not obedient. In order to benefit the dog's training, in the course of walking, dog owners must master the control, not to allow dogs to walk around marking, but also to keep the environment clean and tidy.